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Many of our members have been involved in some interesting projects this year. There have been exhibitions by Anthea Boesenberg, Judy Bourke, Leanne Thompson, Annie Day, Robin Ezra and Bethany Linz to name a few. Jan Melville organised a travelling artist book exhibition. Kathy Boyle created a print installation based on people talking on the phone. Lots of activities by many talented artists.

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on your individual achievements or a printmaking event which has particularly impressed you. Share some with us before the year ends and a new one begins.

To kick us off - the Warringah Printmakers Studio organised 3 exhibitions for members this year. The Irish Connectiion, featuring prints from Studio members and the Lorg Fine Arts Printmakers; Leave Nothing But Prints Exhibition at Manly Art Gallery and Museum and the Annual members' exhibition at the Sydney Antique Centre.

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the 2012 printmaking highlight for  me was the selection of my print installation " terra flora"  for a major exhibition and it going on to win the Peoples Choice Award, a great buzz for me and so cool to see printmaking work holding its own among other mediums

Highlights for me are like others, were being apart of Connecting Small Artists Books touring exhibition ( thank you so much Jan!!), now doing the last leg at Bowral's Milk Factory Gallery - and of course the exhibition at Manly Museum & Gallery (thank you Sandra, Susan and all that were involved in the organising). 

I have also just returned from a month residency, that I highly recommend, at Portland, Victoria ( yes where near there are devastating fires) including an environmentally concerned exhibition of prints and installations at their Art Centre.... please have a look at these links...

here to look at photos of accommodation and here for the exhibition. These are some of my work, Snacks.

For printmaking, Waverley Art Prize finalist and thank you for being in the exhbition 'Leave Nothing But Prints'. Others were for photography and especially I was happy to show my work in Vennice, Italy as the part of  'Arte Laguna Art Prize' in 2012.

You seem to have had a good year Soyoun and congratulations on your sale at the 2012 Warringah Printmakers Studio Annual Exhibition. I hope this year is just as good for you.

Thank you:-) Finally~ Good and Better year for you too.

The Highlight of 2012  was my return to doing large exploratory MONOPRINTS at the Warringah Studios a technique ( as I have a painting background) that appeals to me much more as an activity, than creating editions. When editioning, prints, by the time I get to no 5 or 6, I am longing to alter the existing image by applying another technique or reprinting it in a different way. . . . 

 Because I often work with opaque background surfaces,  it takes time to recognise the correct tonal qualities that will give a satisfactory print on the 300 gm Hahnemuhle paper I use.  But from past experience it more pleasurable working with the best quality French and Japanese inks


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