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Many of our members have been involved in some interesting projects this year. There have been exhibitions by Anthea Boesenberg, Judy Bourke, Leanne Thompson, Annie Day, Robin Ezra and Bethany Linz to name a few. Jan Melville organised a travelling artist book exhibition. Kathy Boyle created a print installation based on people talking on the phone. Lots of activities by many talented artists.

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on your individual achievements or a printmaking event which has particularly impressed you. Share some with us before the year ends and a new one begins.

To kick us off - the Warringah Printmakers Studio organised 3 exhibitions for members this year. The Irish Connectiion, featuring prints from Studio members and the Lorg Fine Arts Printmakers; Leave Nothing But Prints Exhibition at Manly Art Gallery and Museum and the Annual members' exhibition at the Sydney Antique Centre.

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One of the highlights for me in 2012 was to have two prints selected for the Inaugural Inkmasters exhibition in Cairns, held in conjunction with Inkfest. It was even better when one sold. The organisers were so nice and very efficient.
I also had work selected for three different miniature print exhibitions and being part of the Small Artist Books touring exhibitions organised by Jan Melville was a thrill.
Sandra Williams

Hi Sandra - yes. it's always good when something sells - more money for paper.

My highlight for 2012 has to be being selected for the Silk Cut Award. Having not entered for several years I decided to give it another try and was successful. I have by now bored many people with this news! 

Another highlight was taking part in a small group show at the John Paynter Gallery in Newcastle, my new home town. The group, consisting of four painters and printmakers, have exhibited together before and it's always great when you finally get the work completed for that opening night.

I hadn't heard about the Silk Cut award acceptance. Congratulations, Amanda. And I didn't know you'd moved to Newcastle. Very up and coming city these days, I understand!
Yes, really enjoying living here. Somehow things seem more accessible, and of course there's less traffic. Renew Newcastle is making a difference to the inner city and regeneration. Now I'm a member of the Newcastle print workshop as well as warringah.
For me, highlights included having a solo show at Gaffa Gallery, exhibiting at Manly Gallery in the Leave Nothing but Prints show (a really good show, I thought), and teaching my first encaustic workshop at Warringah. Great fun! 2013 is shaping up to be fantastic. I leave for three weeks in the US in February to study encaustic and printmaking at various workshops. Later in the year I am exhibiting with nine other printmakers from New Zealand and Australia including Warringah members Kathy Boyle and Geraldine Berkemeier in an exhibition of works which test the boundaries of printmaking.
....and believe it or not, I almost forgot to mention the month I spent doing a residency at Venice Printmaking Studio in 2012! the experience of a lifetime......

Anthea - how could you forget Venice. What a fantastic opportunity.

It's beyond my understanding how I could forget! Such a beautiful place.......

would love to hear more about this!!!!

Its all on my blog, lots of pictures, including some of Czech Republic. See

Where can I see your pictures of the Czech Republic?

great, I will make more time today to check out your website

mine is and click on, under labels, Czech

and my blog during my czech residency here (unfortunately the residency no longer runs as a conservative local govt. took over)

Highlights were my book arts project Connecting Small Artist Books 2012 between Australia and the UK, my book being chosen for exhibition at the Minnesota Centre for Book Arts USA and which I now have in their collection,the studio exhibition at Manly Gallery, and seeing some wonderful examples of work being done by my Tuesday class  students at the studio. Jan


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